Strawberry Syrup

I have a couple of vocal fans of the strawberry syrup I made a few years ago. Strawbs were down to $1 per punnet the other day so I grabbed some more.

This is 750g strawberries, hulled, quartered and layered with 700g sugar.


After three days under a clean cloth, the mixture looks like this:


Strain that off through a cloth, bottle the resulting liquid, do the bottling boil thing for half and hour and glean ~690ml pretty pink strawberry syrup as pictured at the bottom of this post. The recipe comes from a wonderful book recommended by a friend called “The Barricaded Larder” by Elisabeth Luard.

On the left is the sugar that didn’t dissolve in the strawberry liquid. Last time I think I heated the syrup to get it to combine, but personally I found the last lot too sweet anyway, so I’ve let this stay behind. There is about 300g strawberry wetted sugar. I’m sure I’ll think of something to do with it. There is also the slightly desicated strawberry flesh, which will either get eaten with my morning yoghurt, or combined with that sugar to make something. Thinking cap is vaguely on, except I have a headache from too much WordPressing with the wrong glasses.


The pretty finished syrup:




2 thoughts on “Strawberry Syrup

  1. If one does not own a crown sealer or the pretty little bottles, how should one preserve this? And would a screw-top bottle boil-seal as well (says she looking at an almost empty Bickfords cordial bottle thoughtfully)?


    1. Yes, you can just use screw top jars or bottles and they will boil sterilise just fine. Don’t submerge the tops of either anyway. I use the tiny bottles because one can then use small volumes of syrup without opening and/or spoiling too large a quantity.

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