Blue Cardi

There has been quite a bit of interest in my cardiganisations, so here is a small write up on another. I vastly prefer cardigans to jumpers (pullovers/sweaters). Also, a garment that doesn’t work for you can be viewed as source material for a more pleasing thing.

An opshop sourced, slightly shrunk and felted jumper was nonetheless a lovely colour, good fit and beautifully soft merino wool. It had an unflatteringly high V neckline, but now it’s a nice cardi that will fill a sartorial need admirably.


I forgot to take a proper “before” photo but this gives an idea.


The front edges are faced with petersham ribbon, sewn lapped 5mm over the cut edges by machine. The round neckline is faced with a straight cut piece of fine merino jersey. This was pressed with the two cut edges folded to the middle, then sewn by machine 5mm in from the neckline, placed with a little tension so it supports the neck edge but doesn’t gather it in. Both facings were pressed to the inside and slip stitched down by hand, stitching only partway through the thick garment wool. This gives an almost invisible finish on the outside.



One thought on “Blue Cardi

  1. I too prefer cardigans, I think, but I’ve not tried remodelling an existing jumper (well, except for making nappy covers).

    I have just discovered that one of my husband’s merino jumpers is probably too small for him (it feels a little thick, like shrink-fulling, and now mostly fits me), but it has a very high V neck. What is it with high necks? It looks great with a business shirt, but I feel it tugs at my neck without a proper collared undergarment.

    Your demonstrations of how to neatly finish the remodelled jumper is setting me thinking. 🙂


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