Strawberry Meringues

Success! Strawberry meringues. A version of my magic meringue recipe served to use up the sugar left over from the Strawberry Syrup of a few days ago. The sugar didn’t all dissolve but the resulting treats were definitely worth the effort. They have a delicate pale pink chewy center and do in fact taste of strawberry. Sweet! both literally and figuratively. I’ve already eaten three :-).


200ml white sugar wetted with strawberry juice- take 2T of this and heat in the microwave to hot but not stupid*
1 egg white
2t cornflour
1t white wine vinegar

beat for ~15min, spoon to baking paper**, bake 150C fan forced for 50min

(bah, how do I reduce line spacings? answer: pressing shift+enter gives single line spacing, yay)



*original recipe calls for 2T of boiling water
**or reusable alternative as I prefer


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