White dancer

(New news on an old post)

I’ve never seen a fuchsia I like more than this lovely thing. It makes me think of ballet dancers. This one was grown from a cutting that my longest friend kindly gave me. My plant has lived in a pot for years but getting less and less happy. At the end of July, I cut it right back and popped it in the garden bed I had recently dug up.

fuschia dancer

It’s now about 6 weeks on and the main plant is looking happy.


I had cut up the prunings and stuck them in the ground too as a back up option. All six are still alive and two have been transferred to little pots. There isn’t much root development yet, which I shouldn’t know but soil tends to fall off if there are no roots to hold it. Anyway, these are doing pretty well and will go as gifts if they keep that up. I’ll leave the rest of the cuttings undisturbed in the ground for a while longer. Fingers crossed there will be more of these beautiful flowers in my garden.



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