Artistry from under the lurgy

I’m still sick. Sometimes my brain is online, sometimes it’s not. I just made yet another mistake in the second ally sock, pulled it back by about a pattern repeat and proceeded to make yet another mistake, thankfully a more tolerable one because I don’t think the wool will stand up to a third knitting. However, I’ve been musing for about a month on how to best get a cornflower design onto velvet. I suddenly figured out a good way to do it, and lo, it worked and was fun and fairly quick to do. At least I hope it looks like a cornflower? albeit a stylised one. It’s heavy perle cotton couched down by machine over a freehand drawn design.




3 thoughts on “Artistry from under the lurgy

  1. I don’t know – what do cornflowers look like? But I like it! How on earth did you do that couching by machine? Really long zigzag? Or are there more stitches than I can see? Even if so, there are some mighty tight turns there!


    1. It’s a very narrow zigzag holding down the cord. Having a proper couching foot to guide the cord makes it easier. The tight turns are easy when you pause the zigzag on the inside of the curve and spin the cord around the needle before resuming.


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