Working with beautiful things


I love to find beautiful things that are also excellent tools. This heavy crystal dish is perfect for beads or buttons about to be sewn. The walls join the base in gentle curves so there are no corners for the beads to hide in. Being almost flat, it won’t tip like a bowl does and the weight also helps it resist moving.

Oddly, I can’t remember where it comes from though I’m pretty sure it came into my life only a few years ago. Mum doesn’t think it was a family piece. I don’t remember buying it, though it’s the sort of thing that could well have come from an opshop. It might have come from a friend when she cleared out her china cabinet. I suspect it could have been made as a cigarette tray, the dimensions are about right. Or possibly the lid of a rectangular box. It’s a bit mysterious. I’m glad to have it regardless.



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