Mulberry Jelly

An old post, slightly reworked.


This works wonderfully with cheese as well as on toast, scones etc. The apples provide the pectin and the long boil concentrates the flavour.

1kg mulberries- frozen and defrosted
1kg granny smith apples- roughly chopped. Leave the peel and seeds etc in.
sugar (see method for quantity)
juice of one lemon

Put each fruit to different saucepans. Barely cover with water. Boil each until soft. Strain through separate bags. combine equal volume of juice from each fruit (it was close enough, I used the lot). Add 2/3cup sugar for each cup of juice.(This worked out to 2.2L juice, I used 5cups sugar) Add juice of one lemon. Heat gently until sugar dissolved. Boil for 3/4 to 1hr or apparently until it starts spitting. I wasn’t aiming for a set but was aiming to repeat the excellent flavour of the not quite set sauce of a couple of years ago. However I seem to have a better set than last time, thank goodness I chose to put it in jars not bottles.



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