Tartan Satchel

Hurrah. After days of gardening, travel and huswifery, I got to sit down and make a thing.

I bought some offcuts of tartan from a fancy kilt shop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh about 8 years ago. I think what they do is make up a bunch of kilts and then shorten them as needed for whoever buys them. Maybe? Anyway, they were selling long narrow rolls of high quality pure wool tartan, woven in the mill at the top of the Royal Mile. How could I resist?


After not using them in 8 years, I nearly got rid of them. Then I had the thought that I could perhaps make something for my sister in law, who is proud of her Scottish heritage. So I’ve put together a satchel, almost identical to the pilgrim bag I made a few years back. Maybe with that double pleat it is more just a handbag, but in fabric, the pleat makes the bag sit better. Here it is with the flap open before I put the leather closure strap on:


I put a neat little pocket on the inside, with silver pull on the zipper to match the beltlets on the outside.


The whole thing is from stash, including other people’s rejected stash. The red cotton drill lining was from one friend and the zipper from another. Here it is on a body for scale. Not the outfit I’d wear it with, just what I had on.


And here is a closer shot of the whole thing. The beltlets are more for looks than anything. They are sold for kilt fastenings (also bought in Edinburgh, though one can get them locally now). I know I’d not bother to buckle the one on the flap very often.


I’m really pleased with it. Must make something similar for myself one day. I do hope SIL likes it.


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