cot sheets

I was invited to a baby shower and encouraged to bring second hand baby stuff for the expectant parents. I don’t have children, so instead I made new cot sheets out of an old rejected sheet of mine that had been laying about waiting for a decision on it’s future. So the fabric is second hand, but that means it is nicely pre-softened.

I worked out the size needed and cut out the pieces. Then I pressed folds in at the point that the sheet will curve over the edges of the mattress. That gave me lines to guide my freehand fun with fabric markers. I decided to only put the designs around the edge to limit skin contact with the baby. There should be no problem, but I have friends with some strange sensitivities.

IMG_9264 IMG_9270

After the designs were drawn and pressed to set*, I made up the structure of the fitted sheet.


Then for the first time ever, managed to fold fitted sheets neatly. I don’t bother for my own sheets but these were little and a gift.


*the instructions on the markers said to iron on cotton setting for 4 minutes! That’s a very long time. I did 10-12 seconds with some steam and just that was enough to begin scorching the cloth. The ink will fade with washing. Evolving character I say. I know from experience actually that the gold/brown of the suns will wash to a pleasant soft grey.



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