Black stealth polkadots

New summer party dress! I’ve had this on the to-make list for a couple of years I think. Very light weight cotton lawn, embroidered all over with dots. Cool, comfortable and as dressy as one wants it to be I’d say. Way too cool for today. It’s only 17C deg in the house, so that pic of it on was done very fast, and while I was testing the strap positioning!

Front and back below. Empire waisted (which sounds nicer than “baby doll”) so it’s a great dress for big dinners, ha. No fastenings really, it pulls over the head and the fit is closed in with a drawstring under the bust. Nice wide straps to cover up underwear. I’d love to be able to wear shoe string straps decently, but that isn’t really feasible in an elegant fashion for me sadly.

. .

A close up of the bodice. The embroidery makes the fabric behave strangely. It actually looks neater and flatter before it is ironed. So hopefully the whole frock will work as a non-iron gament, though low spin to finish the wash is probably advisable. .

Here is a clearer shot of the pretty pierced hem. The skirt is simply four matched trapezoids, cut to use all of the border, which happened to be a bit shy of 3m. I angled the seams to give a 1.5x gather to the bodice, then curved off the top to smooth the waist edge.


As a development during construction, I decided to push the majority of the gathers to the back, because the bulk of the pull up of the drawstring is under the bust. So the finished effect when worn will be more even rather than having too much bulk at the front.

I made this bodice pattern a year or two and at least a cup size ago. The darts have ended up too high really for my current shape, but the frock still works. If I want to make it up again, I ought rework the pattern. Still, I’m pretty happy with this frock as is.


Here it is on.



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