Particoloured Sideless Gown

I have a bit of a fascination with sideless gowns. This one makes the fifth in my garb wardrobe at the moment. I think it might be the ninth one I’ve made for myself in the 27+ years I’ve played with the SCA*. The versions I had in the wardrobe are either heavier or lighter than I think is ideal for the travelling wardrobe so here I have made yet another. This is a fairly fine wool suiting fabric. It provides appropriate historical layering rather than much warmth, but for January in the Southern hemisphere, that should be fine. It’s also 475g vs the 700g one I would have otherwise taken. The right hand pink half started out the same colour as the left half and is the fabric freshly dyed in this post on food dye. I love the line of it and the way the fabric falls


The neck and side openings are faced with a straight grain double fold silk tape. Yes I dyed the silk to match the wool.


The seams are done by machine but then I went mad and hand felled them. The hem can drop now until after Christmas, then I will level and sew it.


Here it is as an outfit with an undergown and my silly particoloured hood. The latter is made in the same fabric as the sideless.



*For those that don’t know me personally, I have played with the Society for Creative Anachronism for most of my adult life. This is an approximate recreation of a 14thC overgown. To be more authentic, the fabric should probably be a bit thicker and fulled. Of course there should be no machine sewing either, but for myself, life is too short.


5 thoughts on “Particoloured Sideless Gown

      1. The shape is quite like my favourite tunic – although longer, of course – which I wear almost all year round, except in the hottest weather, only changing the weight of the under thing. I have thought several times that I should make a couple like it. I quite like the particoloured idea as a variation.


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