Purple handbaggage

Another bag for another recipient and a reminder that I must focus and be really present even for simple projects, or I will keep stuffing up. I thought to myself that I could “just throw this together” in time for a planned visit. Nup. Yes I had time to build it, but I made more mistakes and did more unpicking for this little, simple project than I have in ages. Plus I broke two needles in quick succession trying to sew through the metal stops at the top of the zip*. Stupid. After I pulled myself together and concentrated properly, the bag came together much more smoothly.

I got that zip in after a silly amount of mistakes. The sparkly crystal pull looks nice against the purple lining.


It’s the same shape as the tartan bag from a few weeks ago, but on a smaller scale. The outer fabric is apholstery stuff left over from a doorway budgie barrier I made maybe 12 years ago? The lining is from a friend’s reject stash. Button and zip from a different friend and threads for the plaited loop from my large box of perle cotton. I do heaps of things with that stuff.


The strap is long enough to be worn cross body, the way the lady prefers. I think I want to build myself one for travelling. It’s almost weightless, squashable and machine washable.


*in my defence I had though the first breakage was on the pull tab, which I moved for the second attempt, but I was mistaken.


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