Sock gifts

Years ago, I used to see people knitting socks and thought it looked cool, clever and fun. So I (eventually) became a sock knitter, and often knit in public. I wonder if I’ve inspired anyone to take it up?

Here are my two most recent pairs, both knitted as gifts. This pair below I made for my father. I’m relieved that he took the mad colouring calmly and even seemed to like them.


They are made out of five different self patterned yarns, all from a bag of leftovers I was delighted to receive from a fellow sock knitting friend. Four of these are pictured below, plus the blue I used for the heel. I ended up changing the order after seeing how the colours were behaving when knitted. So the larger blue balls at the far left were moved one place to the right, after the reddest yarn (I knit toe up).


These two pairs are my first “eye of partridge” heels. Basically a slip stitch heel but with alternate stitches slipped in the pattern row. It makes a subtle checkered texture and a nicely padded and reinforced heel.


And here are the whole socks from that yarn, which I made for a good friend and dubbed “Suffragette Dragon”. Well, purple and green with a lace pattern reminiscent of scales. I’m really pleased with these. Yarn is Schoppelwolle crazy zauberball.



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