Indulging a whimsy

I’ve been doing a bunch of woodwork and painting designs on it, none of which  has made it onto the blog yet. Here is the most recent one, an idea that wouldn’t go away.

Take a sexy wine crate, make it smooth.


Give it a lid and a hole in one side.


Paint an eye around the hole, oil and burnish give it hinges.


Pay your friendly neighbourhood glass men to line it with mirrors (actually before the hole was drilled in the wood, sensible I thought).


Add a tiny LED light or two, look inside…


…and get a star field, the matrix, a glimpse of infinity.


I have twice delighted in the wonder of being in a fully mirror lined room. I was aiming to capture a little of that experience. I think it’s worked. It ought be even better when I can take off the temporary holding tape and clean the mirrors. I mean to have fun placing different things inside the box and seeing what craziness results.


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