Sock pair #33

My first pair of socks from handspun yarn, and I even did the spinning.

Beginning the knitting:


After three months, though the knitting didn’t take anywhere near all of that time. Socks are an in between project for me.


So comfy. They fit well and feel lovely. Some of the yarn is really too fine and some is underspun. A much more skilled spinning friend pointed out that as one gets faster at drafting, one needs to allow what feels like more time to get enough spin in the fibre. The drop spindle doesn’t go faster to match your increased drafting skill. So I don’t know how long they will last to either wear, shrinkage or felting. I sure mean to wash them carefully.


and they match my handspun hat
Well at least partly. They are from the same fibres but the stripes are constructed differently.


Including a gratuitous arty shot. I’m enjoying the not too matchy colours and stripes.



Fiber to garment


I’ve done a little drop spindle spinning in years past, but I’d not made my spinning into any finished thing. I first tried the spinning over 20years ago. Then had another go about 10years ago, some chocolate brown alpaca that time. I still have a little of that yarn. I picked it up again a couple of years ago, spinning prepared wool top this time. I decided to spin as much as I could during a week long event in January that event. I took a handful of each type of wool fiber I had, with the intention of alternating types to stave off boredom. This is what I had at the end of the event. I’d spun everything I took, plus a little wool from a friend’s sheep.


I did some more at the next event in April, and ended up with 7 balls of yarn in varying sizes.


I had originally thought to make socks, but I didn’t think I had enough yarn. So I made a hat instead. I have some yarn left, so I could probably have managed socks. I do like the hat though so I’m still pleased.


The dun coloured fibre is three lots of corriedale wool. Easy to spin but quite coarse and prickly. The coloured and white fibre is all merino, fine and soft. I spun some plain corriedale singles, some alternating merino and corriedale in a particular colour order, but random amounts. Then I plied the two together. The rib band is just merino though to minimise prickle on my forehead. I like how it came out and I’m delighted to have spun, designed and knitted a thing.