Colour Coordination Win

I have another new hat!


This time to match my luxurious possum/merino jacket. Well, enough of a match to make me happy. A full match would require finer yarn as well, which wasn’t going to happen.


The pattern is from Patons “Winter Warmers”, the set of hat patterns I bought when I got back into knitting over 20yrs ago. It’s for 8ply yarn. This didn’t have it’s ply equivalent stated. It’s probably closer to 5ply? Certainly the hat is very light! Feels almost weightless to wear. The scales say 28g. That’s pretty close to weightless in this context. I’ve been regretting dyeing so much of the ~100g hank. Now I’m wondering if I can get a pair of really snuggly socks out of the substantial remainder.


A pic on me. I’m not friends with the mirror at the moment so I’m hating all pics of me. I know my friends will want to see though. I’m liking the mirror box sneaking into shot and the coordinating colour of it’s eye.



Stormy brain cap

This is handspun yarn bought at the Gerringong fibre muster back in August 2016. No identification of the spinner sadly. I bought it for the beautifully subtle mix of stormy colours. It was always going to be a hat, it just took me a while to get to making it.


The rib head band is alpaca that I dyed to coordinate. I sort of made up the pattern, but based on several patterns that I’ve knitted. The horizontal bands of reverse stocking stitch meant it needed more rows to cope with the vertical contraction/elasticity. I did one row of rib dots that didn’t stand out as well as I hoped, so I added ultra subtle winky bling to gently highlight them. It’s more obvious in movement, promise.


I’m really happy with the shape and fit, but it’s hard to get good pictures in the dull winter light. I’m also vain enough and old enough that I’m not keen on full face close ups :-). Ah, really, I’ve never been pleased with photos of me. It’s taken years to be able to mostly relax about having my photo taken. I don’t publish pics of me here, they are pics of my makings (or so I tell myself).


Rosewater Beret

Long time no post. I’ve been working on presents that I can’t publish yet, things I don’t normally post here like gardening and brewing. Also, fiddly knitting. This is the most difficult lace pattern I’ve knitted yet. It gave me a bunch of trouble until I found a needle arrangement that worked for me. I started on a circular with magic loop, which was fine for the rib band but I quickly got muddled after I started the lace. I moved to the only dpns I had of the right size, which happened to be slippery metal ones. I was better able to keep track of where I was at with the dpns but the weight of the work+needles dragged a bunch of stitches off the next needle in line. Horror. Picking up dropped stitches in lace knitting isn’t easy! A clever friend suggested using one needle per pattern repeat, and lighter, more grabby bamboo ones. She even loaned me the needles. This worked much better, and looked pretty amusing.


Here it is finished, but not yet blocked:


Steam blocking over a tailor’s ham shows off the pattern. It’s by Tin Can Knits and the rose motif is inspired by the art of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.


And on. The fit is good. I made the rib band bigger than the largest size by 8 stitches but the rest is to pattern. I’m not happy with the gathering at the top of the crown, but it’s a nice warm hat and pretty. Very warm actually. This is 8ply yarn and is thought to be alpaca, or alpaca rich (It’s from Bendigo Woolen Mills back room, unlabelled clearance stock). I’ll need proper cool weather to wear this comfortably.


I’m amused that this photo inadvertently shows evidence that I do actually possess eyelashes, they are just too fair to be seen usually.