FFF 2017 #1

That is, Folk (music) Festival Fashion. The first folk music festival I went to, I just wore regular jeans and tshirt type things. When I saw some of the interesting things other people turned up in, I felt like I had missed an opportunity big time. Guess who likes dressing up? So when there is a festival in the offing, I like to make an appropriate new thing or two. This one ticks both the wholemeal and vaguely-other-ethnicity boxes.

As usual, I’m having a “my goodness this fabric is great” moment. Really, I’d buy more of this in lots of colours if I could get it. However, I bought this as a bolt end, also as usual. Sigh. It’s mid weight cotton with a hand loomed sort of look and a relaxed crinkle. Launders and wears beautifully. I haven’t been wearing much brown of late, but this will take me back there a bit at least.

This is a half circle wrap skirt made up of 16 gores. Most are cut as balanced triangles, the end gores are cut with one vertical edge on the straight grain so the end facing/hems will be stable. It even has a pocket.


I’ve broken my usual rule of not doing contrast top stitching in order to add restrained interest, and to lighten the overall dark impression. The implement that makes this achievable neatly? Using my blind hemming foot to guide the top stitching. It works wonderfully well, as long as one can restrain it from running off the guide seam.


Garments with strings are a pain in the laundry. My solution is to make the tie strings detachable as so:


Here is the skirt on, with bonus towel on head:


And here, styled to head into town to an exhibition:



Labels and plackets

I’ve belatedly put labels on all three new denim garments. I try to remember to sew them on by machine, but often forget until I’m past the appropriate construction stage. Oh well, putting them on by hand was a good job for a still lurgified me this morning. Thought I’d show you the zip plackets too. These are not seen at all during wear, so one can go as mad as one likes with the fabric choice.


I’m quite pleased with the neatness of the construction stitching on these. I did make a few mistakes but they are not obvious to the casual observer.


I thought I’d have a bit of fun and put the skirt label on the outside for a change.


I ordered the labels a few years ago from Fantasy Labels. They are woven cotton, really nice quality. Can be sewn on in a variety of ways and are comfortable against the skin. They amuse me too, and that’s worth quite a bit.

Denim 8 Gore Skirt

On my list was a short A-line denim skirt. Yesterday I cut it out and made it’s set of pockets.


Today I put the skirt together.

IMG_8600-1 IMG_8597-1

I had fun using a bright scrap to make the zip placket


I’m not entirely happy with how it sits. It might have been a mistake to use this very thin fabric. It might work better in proper traditional denim. This will be nice and light for travelling though.

I cut 8 identical gores. Then pinned it in to fit me, and trimmed it back at waist and hem to level it. I’m finding I enjoy this approach. It’s way less frustrating than having 4 different pattern pieces that one can get confused and probably have to adjust later on anyway.

A long delayed remodel

This ex garment has been hanging around my house for years. It used to be a babydoll top, you can see the remains of the centre front neckline at the top of the picture below. The shape was awful on me, but it’s pure cotton and the lace pattern in the knit was so lovely I refused to throw it out. I’ve been meaning to make into a skirt, and today I finally did.


Edit: look what I found in the photo files! It seems I chopped this garment up in November 2011.


Chop the top off, remove the buttons, sew the fronts together, fold the top edge over to make a channel, thread with elastic and voila, a skirt and a cute one if I do say so.